Our Vision

College Goals

  • Endowed with the spirit of enquiry.

  • Ger to acquire knowledge and skills.

  • Competent to be employed in his/her field.

  • Possessing qualities of leadership, responsible to family, society and nation.

  • Capable of appreciating aesthetics and understanding our cultural heritage and rational and humane in attitude.

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Our Mission

What We Do

  • To provide accessible, affordable and quality educational opportunities to all.

  • To create a student-oriented atmosphere of educational excellence.

  • To maintain an intellectual environment for comprehensive development of every individual.

  • To promote a strong working relationship with communities, local and state agencies and other educational institutions.

  • To facilitate student access by a broad range of enrolment, student services, institutional and administrative support.

Objectives of the College

The college thrives to ascertain the following objectives:

  • Excellence in teaching-learning.

  • Character building.

  • Building competence for employability/entrepreneurship.